The Importance Of Successful Communication Between You And Your Children Help Them Grow

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Aveantai Smith
ENGL 1301-50105
October.5, 2015
The Veracity to Promoting Successful Communication between You and Your Children to Help Them Grow There are a variety of techniques that parents and teachers could choose from when it comes to communicating with children. One of the most important facts about communication skills in children is that it all starts at home. Paying close attention to your child’s interest could be a major tool that you could use to help build their communication skills. Parents should sit down and talk to their children, even if it’s a simple conversation about school. You know what’s awesome about that? Having a simple conversation about goals, school, and learning, could have a massive impact on a child’s education. What could bring parents and teachers closer to their children so that they understand them enough to help them grow? Love them, listen to them, talk to them, and uplift them because communication does affect a child’s learning. Children can began learning communication skills in their early stages of life, ranging from birth to six years old. It’s very essential that parents play their part in communicating with their children because communication skills start where the child resides and is passed on to their teachers at school. As stated in Communicating with Children: Principles and Practices to Nurture, Inspire, Excite, Educate and Heal, “ Although the UNICEF (United Nations International Children’s Emergency Fund) and its…
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