The Importance Of Supervision And Being A Culturally Competent Counselor

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Supervision, Consultation and Being a Culturally Competent Counselor
Multicultural and diversity is an important topic in counseling. Counselors provide a service to everyone, regardless their nationality, gender, sexual preference or ethnical background. All counselors are held to a high ethical standard, rather they are school, family, and marriage, mental or spiritual counselors. Counselors must be competent to work effectively with members of society who are culturally different from themselves in order to avoid risk engaging in unethical conduct.

Legal and Ethical Expectations
Student counselors work with all populations within a school environment, no matter the culture. “There has been a growing need to develop a deeper knowledge and awareness of race and ethnicity in psychology and to integrate race and ethnicity into the practice, research, education, and ethics of psychology” (Koocher, 2006). ). “Counseling is a professional relationship that empowers diverse individuals, families and groups to accomplish mental health, wellness, education and career goals” (Kaplan, Tarvydas, & Gladding, 2014). Counselors maintain awareness and sensitivity regarding cultural, meaning of confidentiality and privacy, ACA Code of Ethics (2005) B.1.a. Multicultural/Diversity Considerations.
The evolution of multicultural counseling came during the same time that the Civil Rights movement was occurring in the U.S. Counselors during this period in history were considered to be
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