The Importance Of Supervision And The Manufacturing Industry For Five Years

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Elizabeth Griffin
Saint Mary’s College of California
LDSH 100
October 22, 2014
The purpose of this paper is to demonstrate my knowledge of supervision. I have been a supervisor focused on marketing in the manufacturing industry for five years. I have supervised in both a small, fast-growing company and in a medium-sized, second generation owned corporation. FATHOM and Bishop-Wisecarver are two companies where I obtained experience as a department supervisor. I am currently a marketing manager for FATHOM where I supervise a marketing team ranging in size from three to four people. The roles in this department include marketing assistants, event coordinator, and intern. My responsibilities include hiring, onboarding, development, communication, performance appraisals, and firing. I was a marketing manager at Bishop-Wisecarver for three years where I supervised the marketing department also ranging in size from three to four people with similar duties as I hold at FATHOM. As a supervisor, I have learned how to help employees immerse themselves into company culture, foster development in entry-level professionals, guide direct reports with fast-paced workloads with constantly shifting priorities, and associated conflicts. For documentation, I’ve included two letters of confirmation as my role of marketing manager from FATHOM and Bishop-Wisecarver <need to make changes per McGinley’s suggestions>.
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