The Importance Of Suspense In Sound And Effect

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Suspense is important in the movie that’s what half of the movie is about. I think suspense is something that makes you stay on the edge of your seat. It is something that will make you want to know more. For example, when Starling was at Buffalo Bill’s house and he asked her questions about if they know who the guy was or if they had any evidence. Another example would be when Starling was visiting Doctor Lecter in the hospital, Starling was walking to his cell there were red lights flashing and cell walls slamming and you could feel something bad was going to happen. The characters in this story we very well selected. Clarice Starling, Doctor Lecter, Buffalo Bill, other detectives, etc. They all played a good part in this movie and that’s…show more content…
The camera angles in this movie were intense there were many camera angles in intense situations. For example when Starling and Doctor Lecter were talking the camera kept jumping back and forth from the both of them. The lighting in some parts would be different and the lighting would be red, or lighter on someone and darker on another. Also the music would be different and it would be dark creepy music when something was about to happen. Doctor Lecter and Buffalo Bill are very similar and different in the same way. They have both killed people and have done terrible things to people. Doctor Lecter ate parts of people and Buffalo Bill skins girls and makes body suits out of them. But then again they are different Buffalo Bill makes girls suffer and Doctor Lecter doesn’t take long, he does it fast. Buffalo Bill has a hole in the ground of his house and puts girls in it to make them suffer for a couple days. Buffalo Bill sees people as objects and thinks he can do anything to him and Doctor Lecter knows what he’s doing and knows that they are people. I chose The Silence Of The Lambs because that is the one that interested me the most. It was suspenseful and keeping me on the edge of my seat. It was one of the best films we watched in the class so
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