The Importance Of Sustainability And How It Is The Key For Future Generations

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Calvin Chan

Elizabeth Wyatt

Writing 39C

06 August 2014

Draft: Composition 2

People all around the world are beginning to recognize the importance of sustainability and how it is the key to future generations. Because the human ecological footprint is reaching the point of limitation, it is only necessary that humans learn how to adapt and develop more efficient, sustainable states. Today, many cities are faced with the issue of heavily contaminated and polluted domestic water due to the failure of proper treatment and disposal. This event occurs when pollutants and particulates come into contact and engage with water resources. In Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, residents and local officials continue to debate over the practices of drilling, waste management, and coal mining within their district. These practices are the lead cause to Pittsburgh 's poor water quality. As a result, residents of Pittsburgh and those who live along the border the city, are victims of dangerous wastewater which have the potential to cause deadly diseases and illnesses like malaria and cholera. The problem of water pollution in Pittsburgh has become an issue politically, because local officials debate over the treatment of toxic wastes; socially, because the people of Pittsburgh and those living near its rivers are victimized; and economically, because the city relies on its industries to avoid further debt. There are many reasons to why Pittsburgh fails to successfully treat its polluted water
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