The Importance Of Symbols In Othello

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Professor Byrd
English 102
December 11, 2017
During the time spent in English 102, I learned the importance of understanding the theme, motif, and symbols within a story. The drama Othello taught me the most about each one. Shakespeare uses Old or Middle English in his drama, which can be difficult to understand. When learning to appreciate each of the literary devices in the drama, it better helps me to understand what is going on in the passage. In Othello, I found there is good and evil. I also found there are heroism and love. Shakespeare portrays the themes and symbols in the drama. I discovered how to identify each specific literary element through Othello to better my knowledge through short stories and poetry and dramas.
The theme is essential to understanding the idea of a story. In Othello Shakespeare uses two different type of themes, one he uses throughout the whole drama is the incompatibility of soldierly bravery and love. Overall, Othello is a warrior. From the very beginning of the drama, his livelihood affects his married life. Though Desdemona is used to enhance accommodations, she nonetheless follows her husband to Cyprus. Additionally, she is serene by the Turks that waited her crossing, and sincerely curious rather than furious when she is awakened from bed by the drunken fight. Desdemona is Othello’s “fair-minded,” and is the happiest when he has her by his side. Shakespeare also uses the possibility of danger through
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