The Importance Of Tackling The Easy Projects Last

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(4)The Priority: It was a big eye opener, learning about how to prioritize the task within a team. I am completely guilty of usually wanting to knock out the easiest task first and save the challenging task for last. I learned the importance of tackling the easy projects last, consequently they do not require using up valuable resources and time. Projects that we are not familiar with or require more time should be started immediately. This leaves time for any snags that come along the way of completion. Setting these goals in the beginning of a project, present the whole team with the big picture. Present the team with a big picture, allows the team to distinguish the priorities of the task. Leaving your team in the dark does not allow the team as a whole to perform optimally. Leaving your team members guessing and attempting to fill in the missing pieces, is a waste your team’s valuable time. I have distinguished from personal experience that when provided all the information, I had the ability to complete the task efficiently and successfully. Often times in the military due to the level of my rank, I was often left in the dark about some of the decisions or logistics. Due to the nature of my job in the military, I often need more information than was provided to me. Why would I possess a top-secret clearance, if I am not worthy of information that is crucial to the mission. The military on occasion has that mentality that you are on a need to know basis. The reality is…
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