The Importance Of Talent Management And Development

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Acquiring the best talent in current day can be a task for any organization and its HR team. Currently it can be said that the task of simply filling open positions, negotiating compensation and benefits is no longer a major task of an HR team. Instead, the team is charged with recruiting the best talent available in order to assist the organization in achieving its goals and creating the highest possible profits for its shareholders. For that reason, this paper is a case study of OCBC Bank’s unique approach to talent management and development, compare OCBC’s approach to talent manangement and development to other organizations I am familiar with from both my current and past employers, describe to what extent I agree that OCBC’s approach to talent management and development is a primary contributing factor in its success and what can be other contributing factors, to what extent does OCBC’s approach to talent management and development fit other types of organizations or industries, what can be some limitations if it is applied elsewhere without modifications, from additional internet research on OCBC discuss how OCBC has performed recently, and what has it done more, less, or differently in the area of human resource management. In order to do so, I will begin with a description of talent management’s conceptualization. In order to accomplish its goals, OCBC has taken a talent management to a whole new level. According to Nilsson & Per-Erik, (2012), in a review of a
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