The Importance Of Teacher Education

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“One of the most damaging myths prevailing in American education is the notion that good teachers are born and not made” (Darling-Hammond, 2012, p. ix). This seems to imply that teaching teachers is simply an identification process. Unfortunately, the identification of what makes an effective teacher is challenging (Cantrell & Kane, 2013), the process of becoming a teacher is consistently reported as a difficult and strenuous process (Akkerman & Meijer, 2011; Beijaard, Meijer, & Verloop, 2004), and identification of how best to train new teachers is unclear (Shuls & Ritter, 2013). These qualities of teacher education are unsettling in light of the international call to deliver relevant and high-quality teacher education
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As a result, Carroll et al. (2007) makes the assertion that, “As a field, we know very little about the struggle to create and sustain decent settings for learning to teach and the structures of support and thought such settings require” (p. 9).
Although resistance to change is present, Korthagen et al., (2006) presents three reasons why they believe that teacher education is in need of urgent change. First, complaints from stakeholders indicate that teacher education does not prepare graduates for the everyday practice in schools. The emphasis on theory and the limited transference of that theory into practice inadequately prepares first year teachers. Russell, McPherson and Martin (2001) emphasis this point by stating:
The inability of traditional programs to prepare beginning teachers with more than an imitative understanding of their role emerges, in large part, from the lack of explicit connections between the actions of teachers and the pedagogical theories that inform practice (p. 42).

Hollins (2011) supports the need to connect theory and practice, yet points out that there is an additional need to support the education student’s understanding of the importance of culture and background to the learner.
The second reason why Korthagen et al., (2006) and others (Fazio & Volante, 2011) believe that teacher education is in need of change is that not
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