The Importance Of Teachers For African American Students

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After conducting the interviews and analyzing the data I have to come to the conclusion that it takes every stakeholder, parents, teachers, and administrators, to be involved for African American students to be successful. We can no longer point the blame at one party. Teachers can not blame parents and parents can not blame teachers, we all have to work together. There has to be an open line of communication between home and school. We have to all remember it is about the student, the child, and we have to do whatever is necessary to ensure they are successful. I also came to the realization that vocabulary is an intricate part in African American students’ ability to be successful. As teachers we can not just teach the students the academic vocabulary, we have to teach them how to apply it and understand it in context. We have to work with parents to provide ideas and suggestions on how they can be support system at home. Vocabulary can not start and end at the school doors, it has to be everywhere, school and home. In order for African American students to be successful there has to be an understanding of how to instruct our African American students. Teachers have to understand and build upon their culture. It is a schools’ responsibility to provide teachers with professional development, but it is the teachers’ responsibility to seek professional growth as well. Professional development has to be ongoing and just like students, teachers have to be life-long…
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