The Importance Of Teachers On The Classroom Environment

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In order to develop strong relationships with my students, colleagues, and parents, I plan to do a variety of little things to yield big results. The relationship that teachers have with students is vital to the classroom environment. In “You’ve Got to Reach Them to Teach Them,” Mary Kim Schrek writes that “the human encounter between teacher and student is often a more powerful teaching tool than the academic content, the grade, the data analysis, and the hours spent picking apart the curriculum” (Schrek, 2011, p. 5). In order to establish such relationships, I plan to follow a four-step procedure that I read about in an article by Nina Sears on the National Education Association’s website. Sears’ article suggests that a teacher “get to know their students, individualize the curriculum, watch what they say, and keep trying to reach students” (Sears, 2014). As an attempt to get to know my students, I will create a little survey on the first day of school for each student to fill out; questions would include asking my students what their favorite color is or what type of books they like to read. By doing this, I will learn about my students’ likes and dislikes and how to use their answer in the curriculum. Individualizing the curriculum might seem like a huge undertaking but if a teacher is willing to work with the student, it is not a big deal. For example, I was an auditory learner and I had a teacher who altered the project requirements so I could write a song to…
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