The Importance Of Teaching A Past Lesson

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One of the greatest aspects of teaching is having the opportunity to engage with students. Engaging in the practice requires that teachers are constantly reflecting and wondering how they can better enhance their performance. This is often done through reflecting on past lessons as well as actively seeking appropriate leadership roles and opportunities. Effective teachers are master reflectors who always understand how their actions contribute to the success of their students, their families and their communities. Effective teachers are also sure that they are using their reflections and new knowledge to inform their practice. In addition to reflecting on their own practice, new teachers are always reading to collaborate with superiors or colleagues in order to gain new and innovative information.

My first piece of evidence I have included for Standard 9 is an analysis of a past lesson. In the analysis, I carefully reflect on the effects my choices and actions in the classroom have impacted my students. Despite how passionately teachers may feel about engaging with students, it is important that we are constantly wondering how we can improve our performance in the classroom. Little that happens in the classroom happens for no reason. Constant reflection allows for teachers and students alike to understand how classroom interactions can become more meaningful. In addition to my lesson analysis, I have also included a lesson plan and its subsequent reflection. The lesson
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