The Importance Of Teaching A Second Language

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The beauty of being an educator means that you are able to help others in various ways. When it comes to being an educator in teaching a second language one has to be aware that learning another language is not easy. With learning another language comes lots of struggles and obstacles. The educator has to be prepared to help those students through their journey in helping them learn and improve the second language. Students learning the language will have various reasons for learning the second language, the way in which they learn it might be different, but as an educator one has to find the way in which to communicate and help the student learn and master the second language. This essay will try to explain why and how students learn a second language. Student Background: Karen Estefania Romero Arias is a young lady whose first language is Spanish. Since no one else speaks English in her family other than her younger brother she does not practice the English language at home, school is the only place where she can interact and practice her second language. In the future she hopes to master the English language so she can use it in a professional setting such as a job. For now she is improving her English and will continue using it in her academic life. Motivation: Estefania’s motivation to learn and practice the English language is soley intrinsic. She wants to one day be able to travel and have the ability to ask for direction without being afraid to do so. Her
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