The Importance Of Teaching Chemical Engineering Lab

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I will be writing Assignment one for professor Burrows, who is teaching Chemical Engineering Lab One. This assignment is required in order to be successful not only in the class, but also for future publications I might want to pursue. I plan on completing the all tasks required at least a couple days before the deadline in order to avoid any difficulties, as well as revisions. I personally, have a tendency to procrastinate on most assignments, because I have always been able to meet deadlines. The reason I am taking such a proactive approach in this class is because I have been warned by many former students to avoid procrastinating at all cost if I desire to do well. While this terrible weakness will play a large role throughout the semester, I also have plenty of strengths, which I will utilize. One such strength is my determination. If I learned anything from my time in the military, it was to be mentally tough until the mission was complete. I find that simply having this mentality is priceless in many different situations as an engineering student. The purpose of this assignment is to become familiar looking for data not provided by an instructor. There will be times when there is no clear definite answer, and for this reason we must be able to research data to support our conclusions about the situation. However, to insure that our conclusions are credible we must use trustworthy sources. I believe this is one of the major points that we are supposed to learn from
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