The Importance Of Teaching Content And Classroom Activities

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Lesson plans, namely the specific arrangements for the detailed planning of the teaching process, teaching content and classroom activities. Not only consider the continuity of the teaching process is necessary in writing a lesson plan, but also focus on richness of teaching content. Taking into account a theme throughout the classroom, ensure that there are logical connection and natural transition between different content and activities. In addition, teachers should consider how to connect each class to the rear. In short, write a lesson plan in order to be aware of the class. For most teachers, lesson planning is a very necessary work.
“A person cannot teach what he or she does not know.” declared Danielson (2007, p. 44). No matter how experienced the teachers are, plan the lesson is a basic preparation for the class because the teaching situation is unstable, educational and social circumstances are flexible, also, the available resources and view of methodology change all the time, it is beneficial for teacher in a number of ways: it helps teachers to recognize the relationship between various stages and distinguish them; teachers can anticipate the potential problems during the preparation and come up with the solutions ahead of time; teacher becomes aware of the teaching aids.
In this essay, the language teaching method which used to design teaching plan for pre-intermediate will be focused on firstly, second, how this method apply in the teaching plan
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