The Importance Of Teaching For Improving Schools

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If knowledge is key, then that key has been thrown behind a door called school, and that door was subsequently locked by the school board. Giving students power over their own curriculum is a vital step towards creating school experiences that are considerably more useful. It would lead to many successful academic careers through a higher level of motivation, a sense of control over their lives, and the creation of a better society. There is no doubt that our century-old methods of teaching are in dire need of change, and swapping the system that routinely shoves uniquely shaped students through square holes for one that allows them to breach the barrier in their own way is the obvious choice for improving schools around the world.

Allowing students to craft their own curriculum would lead to much higher levels of motivation. When a student walks into school, it is highly likely that they have one thing on their mind; their least favourite class. If it’s a first period class, it’ll ruin the next five hours of their day; if it’s in second or third period, they’ll spend all lunch recovering from it or preparing for it; and if it’s their fourth period class, they’ll spend the whole day worrying about it. Allowing students to take the classes they enjoy would eliminate all of these issues. Instead of worrying, students would look forward to each and every moment that they spend in school. One may argue the very solid point that students would only take easy classes, which
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