The Importance Of Teaching Strategies

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of supports (MTSS). School counselors may act as leaders in both, vacillating between the roles of supporter, intervener and facilitator (Ockerman, In terms of RTI effectiveness, Olmez and Argun (2017) suggest that RTI is more effective if implemented at a younger age level, preferable prior to 5th grade. Waiting this long may decrease the likelihood of greater successes. Different teaching approaches were encountered during this study and the findings displayed how different teaching methods, involving RTI, lead to low academic achievement for students. Therefore, the strategies on how educators implement and design RTI vary due to the grade level and age of the student. School wide readiness is in full bloom. In an article…show more content…
RTI is a better approach for EL students. Klingner & Edwards (2006) suggest that RTI will lead to earlier identification and intervention, and help decrease proportions of ELs who are inappropriately refereed to special education. The goal of Arden, S. et. al (2015) was suggested to a.) assess readiness and capacity, (b) provide content and coaching as part of professional development, (c) use evaluation data, and (d) include students with disabilities, educators can make advances to implement RTI more effectively and help to meet the needs of all students in today’s schools. Schools that struggle with low socioeconomic status (LSES) are less likely to be ready to implement RTI. Data is still collected but at a slower rate, leading to implementation efforts and eventually full operation. In the same fashion, a study was performed by Hauerwas (2013). This essay also discusses SES and specifically notes how states are requiring schools to mandate RTI. A growing number of states are requiring RTI in some form (Berkely et. al., 2009). What is really included in the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) is referred to a discrepancy between achievement and intellectual ability. Parents play a major role in advocating for their child. They also have the upper hand when it comes to Tier 1 of RTI. After all, they know their child the best. Parents should be aware that they can and must be aware if their child is
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