The Importance Of Teaching Writing

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An elephant, dog, monkey, and fish are all told to climb a tree. Each one of them will receive a percentage based off of how far up the tree they get. The monkey is an adept climber and can reach the top of the tree with ease while the elephant can hardly jump, let alone climb up a tree. Common core forces uniquely different students to perform the same task and scores how well they do. It does not necessarily reflect who they are and all of their abilities, but rather pinpoints a few skills for assessment. Common core acts as a single formula which has been predetermined to work for all students based off of a geographical region. It is impossible to tailor to everyone’s needs but we should not assume that everyone learns the same. Teaching writing by using a formula lends itself to common core standards and might not necessarily help a student become a better writer. Cathy Birkenstein and Gerald Graff published an article about this topic of formulaic writing titled, “In Teaching Composition, ‘Formulaic’ Is Not a 4-Letter Word” which goes into detail about the how the end result of a student’s paper is affected by a formula. Birkenstein and Graff say “ say that a mode of writing instruction is formulaic is to charge it with having a “cookie cutter” quality” (1). They are drawing the target audience of teachers to find more pride in their teaching; and suggest that teachers should create some kind of distinguishing factor for their lessons. Rather than following a
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