The Importance Of Team-Based Care

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“Team-based health care is the provision of health services to individuals, families, and/or their communities by at least two health providers who work collaboratively with patients and their caregivers—to the extent preferred by each patient— to accomplish shared goals within and across settings to achieve coordinated, high-quality care,”(1) according to the National Academy of Medicine (2012). Team-based care is a transformation of the healthcare system in order to improve effectiveness, quality of care, and outcomes for patients. Interprofessional team-based care may take place in many different settings such as hospitals, long term care facilities, homes, outpatient clinics, or community pharmacies. Wherever there is a patient need, team-based…show more content…
In order to achieve an effective team-based care, Dr. Smith, the nurse practitioner, the cardiologist, the dietitian, and JD need to have a shared goal. In this scenario, all healthcare providers must work together along with JD to prevent JD's future heart failure exacerbation and improve her quality of life by changing her diet. In addition, mutual trust is necessary in team-based care. For example, in the study “The challenge of integrating community pharmacists into the primary health care team: A case study of local pharmaceutical services (LPS) pilots and interprofessional collaboration,”(2) the participants stated that they were comfortable working together with the trust that they had developed. It was very easy for them to approach each other to have a discussion. Similarly, the nurse practitioner trusted Dr. Smith’s professional judgement on the medication error and admitted his mistake. The nurse practitioner also accepted Dr. Smith’s suggestion about making a follow up appointment for JD. More importantly, JD needs to actively change her diet by seeking advice from the dietitian. Furthermore, effective team-based care needs measurable processes and outcomes to evaluate whether the common goal is achieved. By suggesting the nurse practitioner make a follow up appointment for JD, Dr. Smith provided a measurable tool to examine how JD manages her…show more content…
Effective communications and patient’s active engagement are two actual barriers that affect the outcome of a team-based care. Healthcare providers need to communicate effectively with each other to ensure that patients receive their optimal care. Unfortunately, in this scenario, Dr. Smith was having a hard time getting in touch with the nurse practitioner. She was put on hold and transferred from unit to unit for a long period of time. Despite the long wait time, Dr. Smith still patiently and respectfully addressed her concern with the nurse practitioner. Moreover, the patient also needs to actively engage and take charge of their care management. For example, if JD chooses not to make an appointment with the dietitian, JD may potentially have a heart failure exacerbation and end up in the hospital again. With her hypertension, chronic heart failure, and atrial fibrillation, eating canned food with excessive sodium intake might potentially worsen her
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