The Importance Of Team Building And Patient Care Standards Essay

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Team building is where each team member believes, apprehends and strives towards the collective goal of being compassionate and working for patients in the healthcare environment (Mckeown, 2015). The key aspect discussed in the following essay is the importance of team building and how it is applied in making sure professional, National Health Service (NHS) and patient care standards are met. Tuckman’s (1965) hypothesis implied that all teams experience an ineffective stage primarily then going onto becoming a solitary independent unit. Teams are formed as a result of being given a problem or task (Tuckman, Ann, & Jensen, 2011). Research carried out by Tuckman, et al (2011) proposes that majority of teams focus only on the content involved. To begin with, several key characteristics are derived from team building. Collaboration is a co- operative progression where individuals from various backgrounds work collectively towards a mutual benefit (Abdulaziz Al-Sawai, 2013). In relation to the healthcare system, the mutual benefit is delivering care to the patient by meeting their specific professional criteria. Research has shown that the in- cooperation of multiple disciplinary perspectives, delivers a variety of knowledge and skill, which is beneficial to the patient (Mitchell et al., 2012). However, uncoordinated team care failure could potentially increase medical errors and place the patients’ life at risk (Rutherford, 2012). For example, radiographers cannot work in
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