The Importance Of Teamwork And Health Care

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Teamwork is vital in healthcare. When all participants are engaged in a program, goals are successfully achieved. Being able to communicate and work collectively as a team requires an appreciation for each other’s area of practice. Every team member has an important role and being acknowledged provides a sense of responsibility and accountability. Essentially, inter-professional collaboration helps ensure that the patient is getting care that is not only accessible but also comprehensive. The plan of a patients’ care includes active participation by all health care professionals working interdependently in accordance to the patient’s preferences, values and beliefs. The health care team accomplishes the goal of meeting the patient’s medical needs by delivering evidence-based practice. To deliver quality care, the patient should always be involved.
Maintaining organized, evidence-based practices that is age sensitive is also a priority. As a health care provider in a college campus, it is important to keep in mind that a students’ health status will directly impact the student’s academic career. Providing care to young adults under the age of 35 requires communication strategies that will promote self-management and disease prevention. Clinics in college settings help prevent, diagnose and manage diseases for students as they pursue their educational goals. Also, college campus clinics help link students to available community resources. Health services in
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