The Importance Of Teamwork And Its Terms Of Management

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Past has always had an enormous influence on the future. This phenomenon is usually seen in a regular life; human behavioural changes. These include relationships, attitude that people carry into a life or system that they believe in. Workplace environment is a good example of how people build these relationships, how much energy do they invest in and how do they create a team regarding to management. Team is a unit of two or more parties who take part in a performance to achieve specific goals. Once Andrew Carnegie (Scottish American industrialist) said that "Teamwork is the ability to work together toward a common vision. The ability to direct individual accomplishments toward organizational objectives”.This essay indicates an importance of teamwork and its equivalents in terms of management. These include globalisation, technological development, increased diversity and challenges for managers according to teamwork. As a part of the assignment I am going to highlight the changes appeared in 21st century in terms of the Scientific Management, represent them in year 2017 and reflect upon learning outcomes from the assignment and module. MAIN FINDINGS
In 19th century management principles were based on different beliefs and values. Organisations were controlled in different ways than it is believed to be now in 21st century. Frederick Tylor – one of the main principles of Scientific Management and “Taylorism” theory (1856-1915) initiator believed in the
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