The Importance Of Teamwork

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Teamwork and communication work hand in hand, gossip, however, is the consequence of poor communication and the death of teamwork. The Business Dictionary defines teamwork as ‘the process of working collaboratively with a group of people in order to achieve a goal’.1 Communication is defined as the act or process of exchanging and sharing information, ideas and feelings.2 Gossip can be described as a form of informal communication but more accurately it has been defined as trivial writing or talk of an intimate nature about someone else, in either rumors or facts, that is usually unconfirmed or untrue – negative gossip. More simply, others have defined communication as ‘talking to each other’ and gossiping as ‘talking about each other’.3…show more content…
Gossip was observed to be a behavior that was fundamental to human nature and one that served to maintain social order in groups. 5 Expressing genuine interest in the affairs of others offers a way for colleagues to stay connected and informed, provided no one’s privacy is infringed. Furthermore, all through history, gossip has been seen as a phenomenon that enhanced social cohesion in different societies through the sharing of information.6 It strengthened the social bonds and assisted in fostering intimacy.5,7 These benefits of gossip that I had never thought of, compelled me to partition gossip into two groups namely negative and positive gossip, as I failed to grasp the idea that the gossip I had been exposed to and was aware of, could be positive at all. Negative gossip is different from idle chit chats. It is different from small chats people have, it is the negative, unsubstantiated information spoken in ill-will. It creates rifts between colleagues as gossip also changes how you see people and stops colleagues from working successfully with each other.7,8 It is a time waster, its kills productivity and diminishes the potential of an organization, but more importantly, gossiping hurts people. In larger organizations, gossip has been seen to thrive in environments of ambiguity where policies and information are not overtly outlined. This fuels the subsequent loss of trust in the leadership and organization which
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