The Importance Of Technology And Social Media

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Moreover, social media also works as a forum provided by governments to build a healthy relationship with its citizens while also allowing the government to maintain control. Before technology and social media become prominent in the mid-2000s, governments and other state actors did not believe in the benefits it would provide in terms of development. This changed when the media market became more liberalized providing more opportunities for countries to gain economic development. Kazakhstan is an example of a country’s government using social media to defy rebellions. Until the mid-2000’s, only 3% of people in Kazakhstan used the internet. This number had increased to 54% in 2013 (Niyazbekov, 2017). Kazakhstan’s government went online during the same time and ministers followed Prime Minister Karim Massimov and started blogging. The aim was to change the public’s perceptive of the government being too bureaucratic and ineffective. After president Nursultan Nazarbayev’s address to the nation in 2004, more portals opened for state services. By 2012, Kazakhstan came in 2nd place in a global rating of citizens’ “e-participation” denoting ease of access to public (Niyazbekov, 2017). However, following the Zhanaozen city protests, it signalled to the government to treat social media sites such as Facebook with caution as it was clear that it could be used as an effective tool to organize movements. This resulted in the government tightening the media legislation and cleansing
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