The Importance Of Technology

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“Every once in awhile, a new technology, an old problem, and a big idea turn into an innovation” New technology is being created every day. It extends the possibilities of the human world. There is always a problem that can be solved by the technology that people brainstorm ideas to solve problems. Without technology, life would be 10 times harder than it already is. Tech is all around us. Every problem can be fixed with tech that is made to fix a problem. Scientists are always using technology to cure diseases and it saves lives. Technology has found cures and treatments for my Lyme Disease and my mother’s cancers. Technology is used to collect blood. It can measure speeds of car and measure things that can’t be measured by normal tools.…show more content…
It helps with everyday problems that doctors might come across.
Technology is improving each and every day. The technology in cars are becoming more and more advanced. The airbags are improved Cars now have the capability to alert drivers about traffic behind you so that you don’t wreck when turning into the other lane. They can stop your car if you’re not paying attention to the road and keep you from driving someone over. The technology for safety is providing cars with the ability to alert you or automatic stopping. A company in Japan is working on creating a drone delivery service and flying ubers. Scientists and engineers are always working on ways to improve your life. New tech is coming out everyday to improve living qualities. There is a water purifier that cleans your water so that you are prevented from ingesting harmful bacteria that can kill you. So many new ways are being invented and used in everyday technology to keep us safe.
We are always using tech in our jobs and classrooms. Computers are used for everything. We use them to calculate tax and how much money that we need to make so that we are able to live. We use them for research and development. There are computers in the registers at the store or restaurant. It keeps track of how much money is collected and taken out. The security cameras that keep us safe use
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