The Importance Of Technology

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What does technology mean to you? I believe that technology is a tool that should be integrated into our society to cultivate the future, it has become such an integral part of our community today that living without it creates a feeling of loneliness. According to Mark McKinnon, “Technology and Social Media have brought power back to people,” taking away the emptiness. Nowadays, technology has exceeded expectations of people, such as a simple VR machine can take you to parts of the world without even visiting, this proves that future is bright. I am one of the many students who did not get an early exposure to technology, and I regret that every day. As elders say that a child can learn however many things he wants until seven years of age because his mind is an information collector. We have to give students an early exposure to a tool that has made our world more convenient than ever before. Many experts have stated that students using different technological tools in their education are much more independent and profound in their skills. The technical means have not only made students knowledgeable, but also create a network with new people, and stay healthy while at it. There will always be a debate over how far can we stretch technology that it does not harm the future generations of thinkers, students, but the truth is that technology has made students critical thinkers, confident communicators, and healthier. As Steve Jobs said, “Everybody in this country should

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