The Importance Of Technology In Criminal Justice

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Technology is everywhere, it’s at our fingertips. Technology has helped us advance to a world where we rely on technology to help us solve a problem, to communicate with love ones, and to find directions or places to go out to. Technology is growing and it will never stop growing, we will keep getting more advanced. It’s a good thing but also a bad thing, all our information will soon be digital, all our information could be at risk from intruders, from hackers trying to steal our important information. This is the reason the department of criminal justice is also advancing in using technology to help them on investigations and with cybercrimes. Criminal justice is trying to keep up with today’s technology all they need are people who know computers and how to use them.
Criminal justice today means having the opportunity to utilize robots, GPS systems, advanced cameras, and high-powered computer systems. These important technologies have improved investigation, surveillance, and analysis procedures as long as they are backed by the skill set and intelligence to properly use them. Law enforcement has a computer program for every job they need, from DNA testing to robotic cameras to automatic license plate recognition systems and those are just a few. As technology advances in the world, there are more electronics available to make criminal justice jobs more effective. One of the most important technological tools in the field today is the computer database. There are now
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