The Importance Of Technology In Education

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The learning place has been invaded by the ability to know anything and everything. While this picture shows promise, it is actually more complex and distorted with regards to the receivers; these would be the students of today. What makes us capable of distributing the infinite amount of information that can be labeled “anything and everything” is truly remarkable, and that is precisely what technology has allowed us to do. Being that, it is safe to say that technology has expanded to heights worth exploring, and while this brings good resources to the pupils of today, it is the way students will explore and discover through the internet that should be taken into consideration by their teachers before introducing it to the curriculum.
A great starting point is to decipher the word “focus”. Today’s technology evolution is all a drastic change. And so, teachers need to understand that change to realise that an equivalent difference will occur in their students too. This is because “change is a constant” (Source C), and as the environment around the students is altered, it is an instinct to adapt accordingly. In Charles Darwin’s theory of evolution, adjusting to one’s surroundings is key to survival, so how is technology any acception? The thing is, it isn’t. However, looking at technology, these changes do not seem to end in a positive transition that benefits the students. What I mean is, and going back to the word “focus”, will technology be the main focus of the becoming
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