The Importance Of Technology In Education

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When I was growing up I never would have thought by the time I hit high school that my life would have been centralized on a computer screen. In today’s time, the majority of kids have some kind of technology being tablets, phones, computers, or even gaming consoles that they use every single day. I feel that people get the wrong idea of schools with technology, but so many people are just traditionalist. Traditionalist in the school systems are consisting of people who believe that school should be stuck to the norm. The norm before current time was made of doing all work out of physical textbooks and doing all work on physical paper. The new norm is slowing changing to technology using online textbooks and using word in exchange for…show more content…
A technologist would not have to carry heavy books everywhere he/she went causing back problems. In addition, I know from personal experiences that many teachers give giant textbooks and then never use them, but with using technology these textbooks can be uploaded to a pdf copies. Also, if a student is sick, but still has internet at home the student can log onto internet and still do the work where they do not get behind.
There are many pros to both sides of the argument, but just as many cons. Although I am a strong supporter of the technology aspect of the argument I have to admit there are cons that need to be revised and fixed. One problem being that not every person in the school can afford a brand new computer. As I have witnessed firsthand in my hometown, many people did not have the money to rent out or buy one of these computers. Luckily our school figured out a backup plan. The backup plan being that they would allow people to use either day use computers or allow them to borrow an older laptop. Granted it would not be a bright and shiny brand new MacBook, but it would allow you to get your work done efficiently. I believe if people were not able to afford the rent of these computers then they would be extremely happy for these other options.
I believe more schools should allow technology use in the classroom instead of sticking to the old norm. The reasoning be that I believe if the technology is used correctly that it could be very helpful
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