The Importance Of Technology In Feed

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In the futuristic world M.T Anderson creates in Feed, the misuse of technology is a problem the world faces. The novel Feed describes how the world could be in the future if humans let technology rule their lives. Anderson wants the reader to realize the effect technology has on our lives, and he also wants us to understand how we are being controlled and manipulated by media. Therefore, Anderson, fearing that one day technology will surpass humanity by creating a society of idiots like in the novel Feed, warns the reader from the future our society might face if we don’t make a change soon.
The novel describes scenarios of the world where we live. For example: people are becoming less intelligent because technology is dominating the human race. Moreover, One major theme is how technology, including media and advertising, ruins the future. Since the feed is in the teenagers' head, they live and die by the feed. Everything they want is
Instantaneous. They no longer have a reason to think as individuals and increase there
Intelligence. Instead, they are content with having technology do everything for them.
They cannot even read or write because everything they need is done by the feed. In
School, teenagers learn about the feed, how to find the best bargains, how to get a job and how to decorate their rooms. Regular subjects such as literature and math are not in School. The constant advertisements running through their heads also ruin the future of the human race.
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