The Importance Of Technology In Healthcare

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Technology is another important feature in a healthcare organization that needs to be handled with care. In all the sectors of the economy, technology plays a critical role in healthcare because the merger of technology in healthcare has enabled healthcare organizations to serve customers and saves many lives across the world. The importance of medical technology is enormous because innovation plays a big role in helping to improve and sustain health organizations. In healthcare, technology has enhanced surgical procedures and promoted service delivery for most patients in need of help. In very highly complicated laboratories, experts are using high technology equipment to conduct high technology diagnostic procedures to help the patients to improve their outcomes. Moreover, nurses and doctors can discuss and talk with each other via computers to ensure they provide high-quality patient care. Finally, technology can be used in clinical medicine in which the nurses use technology to enhance physical fitness for their clients (Sakas, Vlachos, & Nasiopoulos, 2014). The use of technology in healthcare is an important aspect that must be given priority in ensuring efficient and effective service delivery.
Quality improvement is another aspect in healthcare that is critical in ensuring hospital organizations employs continuous processes in improving healthcare services. Quality improvement can be one of the competitive advantages a health
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