The Importance Of Technology In Modern Society

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In our present world, we are faced with the double-edged sword of having instantaneous access to all information at our fingertips. However, it seems as though this easy access to information comes at the cost of the morality of the community. This ethical degradation of modern society is permeated through our overindulgence with technology, the manner in which we treat others, and mainstream music.
A way in which the demoralization of society is shown through our overindulgence with technology. Through the significant development of technology in this era, we have grown a high level of dependence on our devices. This dependency on technology has greatly altered the way in which we think and interact with one another. An example of the
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Ultimately, the reliance on technology only leads to the detachment of people from those around them leaving everyone in isolation.
Furthermore, the manner in which people are treated is a crucial sign of the immorality of our current world. People have begun to lose respect for each other, especially over the Internet. This disregard for others stems from the anonymity on the Internet which gives people the liberty to say whatever cruel thing is on their mind because of their shield that is their computer screen. The ability to hide behind one’s keyboard is such a major contributor to cyberbullying as people don’t get to physically see the impacts of their words. If a person says awful things to a stranger on the Internet, they will likely never meet the person to know how their comment made them feel. Through the rise of social media, the current generation has lost the empathy that would make them wary of what they do or say to avoid inflicting pain on others. A situation that can come out of this lack of concern for others is one like Amanda Todd, a young girl who committed suicide as a result of the hurtful things said to her by her peers over social media. Occurrences like these should serve as reminders to us all that despite the conversation happening between screens, there is a person, a human, with value and worth behind that screen reading your message.
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