The Importance Of Technology In The Classroom

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Tap, tap, tap is going to be the new fad. Everywhere people go, they see technology being integrated into different buildings. From office buildings to fast food restaurants, computer screens and text are displayed everywhere. How come these places are combining technology with business? Well, schools are incorporating the same principles into their commonplaces. Classrooms, libraries, and hallways are all starting to light up with computer screens and tvs everywhere. Educational facilities are turning to use the internet to teach by utilizing online teaching methods, class communications, and the Google apps. First off, educational buildings around the world are implementing new technology into their classrooms to fit with the changing times. Every year, a new phone or piece of technology is being released. Why not put it to good use? Potential positive reviews of having technology in the classroom are evident: “Computer and communications technology have each developed in recent years to offer individual tools that have potential for improving the quality of education.” (Bailey and Cotlar, “Teaching”) There are definitely different directions in which technology can be used in classrooms; whether it be text-based, image-based, or speech-based. These can also, and are often, be intertwined to form a mega educational platform! Text-based platforms, such as documents or emails, are the base of technology as a whole. They are the meat in the taco for basic interaction with
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