The Importance Of Technology On Technology

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Going from a luxury to a necessity over the span of two decades, one could say that we live in an age of technology. In order to further advance and widen learning opportunities, technology has become a common tool in public school systems around the globe. Projects such as One Laptop Per Child have been established in order to ensure that no student is left behind in the evolving technical experience. However, the presence of technology does just as much harm as good towards students when improperly used and distributed. As expressed in Susan Pinker’s Can Students Have Too Much Tech?, technology limits underprivileged students and is widely mistreated and ineffective as a learning tool. Furthermore, student reliance on technology places them at a disadvantage in our competitive and diverse world.
Technology gives access to resources and convenience to the developing child. Programs like ABC Mouse and Scholastic Kids are there to give individual attention to struggling kids. While these programs are created to assist, they are often enforced improperly to impoverished students. Hand a child a laptop and tell them to run off and study, the likelihood of that happening is very ill. Lower classed children are often raised by guardians actively in the workforce and, as explained in the article, “With no adults to supervise them, many kids used their networked devices not for schoolwork, but to play games, troll social media and download entertainment”(Pinker). Even when used
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