The Importance Of Technology On The Environment

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A limit beyond thinking is envisioned to restrict standards that would peril humanity. Technology is the use of scientific comprehension applied to different methods of the average person’s life. Technical intelligence has helped many combat challenges that would not likely be succeeded in past organizations, creating an obsession of advancements. Scientific mechanics are confined by their benefits that provide people with breathtaking chances as well as threatening scenarios if operated poorly. Despite technology’s vast amount of renovations, it is a captivating yet dangerous strategy of knowledge that harms the environment, replaces common jobs, and acts as a barrier between individuals and society. The desire to develop technology-based devices has brought destruction to ecosystems worldwide.. For example, “. . .almost eight billion people, our attempts to provide sufficient food are made with limited regard to the land or other creatures, and we have destroyed cultures and hundreds of languages” (“How Dangerous is Technology?”). As can be seen, an establishment of new machinery is now forever the name of physical communities due to its way of demolishing land, civilizations, and past wonders as it moves forward. Thus, declaring an unnecessary revolution of technical improvements, tamed solely with a crippling environment in the process of supporting its own natural aspects. Additionally, “...over the last century, the amount of greenhouse gasses in the atmosphere has
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