The Importance Of Technology On The World

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Life We Once Knew

Technology has improved drastically over the years. People can’t imagine living a day-to-day life without technology. No one can walk down a sidewalk without having to see someone on their phone, tablet or video game. When my parents were growing up, all the knew was how to play outside they was no technology around. Biological evolution has changed drastically just like technology have evolved. In “The Limits of Friendship,” by Maria Konnikova reminds us how the social media has affected our day-to-day life. Social Media and Technology have made a tremendously changes in our life that we may never be able to get back. Next generations may not know how even to interact people outside the world of technology. In “Attention Deficit: The Brain Syndrome of Our Era,” by Richard Restak, have come up with the concept that multitasking can affect our relationships. We have to come to term what is the most important thing that need to be done first. People are altering the way they act with other people. While Technology has advanced throughout the past generations, it has influenced social and biological evolution drastically that cause major impact in everyone life.

Technology has changed our minds and transformed how we communicate with people because technology has become a standard concept for us. Dunbar number has been affected by social media because we can’t be friends with more people on social than we know in life. It’s just not possible for us to do
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