The Importance Of Technology

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Are we even capable of understanding the big impact technology has in today’s society? The strong effect of technology in our daily basis activities has been a controversial issue nowadays. Certain amount of people argue that the innovation of technology has been harmful for society because it has led to the adoption of a sedentary life style. Besides that, people argue that technology has been a major cause of wars, crime, terrorism and even it affects people’s economy because of the replacement of human labor for machinery or even robots. Perhaps this may be true, but it is also a fact that technological innovation has benefit society radically in the past decades. Technological innovations are a big influence mostly in the fields of healthcare, education, and security. Technology benefits society, technology is more good than bad, it makes society a safer and better place to live in. Technology by definition is the “The application of scientific knowledge for practical purposes, especially in an industry” according to the Oxford Dictionary. Technology has a big influence in many fields like healthcare, education, security and economy due to the great benefits that it has provide us. Douglas Engelbart, Norman Abramson, Jack Nilles or better known as the “The fathers of Modern Technology” , men who have contributed with the most important technological advancements during their era like wireless phones, the first computer and the telecommunication network . Little did we know, that these inventions where going to change the world for the better, or worse, the choice is personal to decide. Nowadays, technology has been a huge player in the healthcare field by allowing doctors and scientists to find new alternatives to cure or treat patients in a safer and painless way. For example , what we know as a minor surgery, used to be almost impossible and with a lot of pain and physical labor, now, doctors only need to make a small incision to introduce an endoscope. Since technology is innovating, millions of lives have been saved and the mortality rate has decreased. Schools today, are able to change the face of teaching by all the new electronic artifacts like a SMART Board, or even a tablet.

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