The Importance Of Technology

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In the modern era, our society has become accustomed to not paying attention to our surroundings whether it be in class, while walking, or even driving. Most of the time students and even adults are often consumed by technology and do not pay attention to the world right in front of them. In addition, technology has enabled our society to have new sense of multitasking and have become comfortable with doing work without consulting others. This microtheme addresses these issues and requires us to work in a group and to collaborate and discuss ideas to formula patterns and a detailed analysis.
For this microtheme we were tasked to go to a public place on campus and observe the space in an attempt to notice patterns about the atmosphere as well as the inhabitants. Our group went to the second floor of the Lovejoy Library on campus and observed a study area.
Our first impressions of the library were that it was crowded and could potentially be noisy. But by suspending our judgements and sitting down to observe the space we realized it was not too noise and is a comfortable environment to study. As we observed, we began to notice things that we would not normally see. In fact, we noticed that almost all the students were working on laptops. That is usually something that isn’t acknowledged and is just seen as normal, but it really forces you stop and think about our modern age. We focused then on the amount of technology that was being used and it was astounding. By stopping
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