The Importance Of Technology

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Technology in the purest sense of the word, is the application of knowledge in order to develop or enhance something. From this definition, we can see that the development of technology dates back to ever since Homo-Sapiens were alive. From the creation of fire, to pencil and paper, all these are considered technologies. Although, in recent times there have been debates on whether or not the development of innovations in technology have been impacting us as a culture and as a society. Some argue that not only has technology made our lives better, but it has enhanced it better than what ever could be expected. In contrast to this, some believe that with the use of constant technology, there is a degradation in our sense of interaction and connection. Without a doubt, technology is the advancement of our species, and there is a need to balance unwavering innovation with social obedience and conservatism. On one side of the argument, there is the claim that technology has not only surpassed expectations of the past, but also have improved many aspects of our lives. These individuals like John Intini, and Charles Cooke state that technology that has developed over the last decade or so is vastly different from those technologies dreamt of in the Atomic-Age. For example, Cooke argues that, “Not only do today’s Americans casually use technology that would have made their grandparents gawk…, but they are also beginning to use it to create precisely the sort of ‘futuristic
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