The Importance Of Technology, The Future Of Education

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Technology is the Future of Education Do you remember when you had to plug a cable into the phone jack then plug that cord into the computer just to use the dial up internet? How about when you called someone who was currently on the dial up internet, the phone would make that dreadful noise because when using dial up internet you couldn’t use the phone and the internet at the same time. Then times changed and wireless internet came out and wasn’t that just the best creation ever. Who knew you could talk on the phone and use the internet? Not long after wireless internet came out high-speed internet was created as well. Not only could you talk on the phone and be on the internet, but you could do all of this in HIGH SPEED. With the…show more content…
A skill that a teacher must have is that they have a love for learning and by that they should learn from their students as well. Bergen then says how she thought it “would be useful to look at technology in teaching from the perspective of an “expert” the kind of expert whom teachers encounter daily in their classrooms: their student” (Bergen, 1999, p.116). This is such a great experience for teachers because their students can help them learn as well. Technology bonds the relationship of both the teacher and the student.
Higher Education Starts with Technology The 21st century is all technology, phones, computers, and televisions. They are everywhere and students need become technologically sound because this will help them adapt our every changing society. In the journal The Lecture: A Teaching Strategy through the Looking Glass writes “specifically if a student does not have a computer and does not have access to the internet they are at a disadvantage and in more recent time” (Perrin, Laing, 2014 p.67-77). If students do not have a computer they will not do as well as other students who do. Students will comprehend what they learn if they are engaged with the subject they are studying. Technology helps keep students engaged according to according to the Journal of Systemics, Cybernetics and Informatics who has done research on secondary
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