The Importance Of Teen Pregnancy

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In 2015, the United States had over 200,000 girls that gave birth between the ages of 15-19 (CDC). The broad issue seen with teenage pregnancy is that females are missing their teenage years and are immediately moving toward parenthood. In fact, thirty percent of girls cited pregnancy or early parenthood as key reasons to why they left high school. Also, only fifty percent of teenage girl dropouts even receive their diploma by the age of twenty-two (CDC). In comparison, teenage girls who do not get pregnant, have a ninety percent chance of graduating high school. Essentially, the ratio of dropouts to graduates clearly shows that teenage girls need to be taught alternative ways of preventing pregnancy. One of the main ways of preventing teenage pregnancy is for males and females to use contraceptives. Although there are many types of birth control methods, there are some that are suitable for teenagers that are sexually active. First, a male can use a condom as a protective measure. Secondly, females can use several different methods that include oral contraception, contraceptive injection, contraceptive patch, and an intrauterine-device (IUD) are all ways to prevent pregnancy for those who are simply not ready to be parents. Since 2011, there has been a huge decline in teenage pregnancy between 15-17-year old’s from 44% of pregnancies to 26% because of the use of contraception (CDC YRBSS). In 2015, there were 58% of teenage girls who visited a birth control clinic in

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