The Importance Of Teen Pregnancy

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The United States remains the highest unintended teen pregnancy rate among all developed countries. Teenagers are at the vulnerable age where their hormone peaks causing secondary sex characteristic changes, yet there is a lack of support and access for teens get help (Patel et al., 2016). The consequence of teen pregnancy can lead to physical, psychosocial, socioeconomic, and societal detriments, which can cause a ripple effect onto the next generation. Child bearing during adolescence is associated with adverse outcomes such as: maternal and fetal health risk, infected with sexual transmitted diseases, more often face poverty, and the loss of social and economic opportunities as a result of less formal education (Krugu, Mevissen, Prinsen, Ruiter, 2016). This paper will elaborate teens’ experience on sex health, nurses’ role in this phenomenon, and key findings in literatures. Ultimately, finding the meaning of how does families of adolescents with a close relationship and open communication perceives sex education and pregnancy. Importance to the Science of Nursing Teen pregnancy is concerning in both public and acute settings. Reproductive health ranges on a vast continuum, from physiological needs to self-actualization for both the teen mother and the child. It is imperative for nurses to be able to recognize and be equipped with competency to facilitate prevention and maintenance at their clinical settings. Without the understanding of the adolescent’s

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