The Importance Of Teenage Pregnancy

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Sexuality begins to shift from curiosity in childhood to experimentation in young adulthood. Masturbation becomes a common activity for the majority of males while only 43% of females do it (Strong, Yarber, Sayad, & DeVault, 2013, p. 172). Adolescents start to undergo puberty, which causes their bodies to grow and change quickly. During this time teenagers are influenced greatly by their peers and the media. Adolescents are easily swayed by the information given to them by their peers and highly sexualized media. Teenage pregnancy is a nationwide problem for the United States (Strong et at., 2013, p. 180). However, teenage pregnancy rates are declining because sexual education delays adolescents from having sex. Sexual intercourse cannot be completely stopped, but sexual education can help prevent STIs and unintended pregnancies from happening. Young adults begin to practice safe sex and make intimate commitments to others when exploring their sexuality (Strong et at., 2013, p. 189). Homosexuals tend to stop hiding or faking their sexual orientation because young adults are more accepting and tolerant of different sexual orientations (Strong et at., 2013, p. 196). When single, young adults gain more sexual experience, but with it comes the risk of pregnancies, abortions, separations, and single parent families. Being single as a young adult makes it harder to find a relationship later on and outside of college (Strong et at., 2013, p. 200). Young adults start to live
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