The Importance Of Teens In A Small Town

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When people choose to have children their first thought is their well-being which includes their safety, happiness, and health. The second thought might be, where is the best place to raise them. Some may argue for cities because there’s more diversity, or a small town because it’s safer. In movies, you see small towns as the perfect place to raise your kids. The people in the community are close and helpful, it gives you a sense of safeness for your kids, and it’s cute and quaint. In reality there’s nothing for them to do and in turn some kids might isolate themselves, turn to alcohol and drugs, get pregnant, or harm themselves. All the previous reason listed is why we need more things for teens to do in a small town. In order for teens to stay happy, healthy, and safe we must come up with things to occupy their time that are affordable for all. One benefit of having more things to do in a small town is reducing the drunk driving. Many times, in a small-town, teens will use alcohol as a way to pass the time on a Friday or Saturday night, if not both. When teens get together to drink its usually never turns out good. In an article written by Jeff Black of NBC NEWS, he mentioned a study conducted by the University of Pennsylvania, that the risk of death is 20% higher in a small town than in a big city. These deaths include shootings, vehicle accidents and many more. Black also says that in most rural areas the vehicle death rate is 27.61/100,000 people compared to the rate
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