The Importance Of Testing For All Software Development Processes

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Over the past few decades, online industry has developed in leaps and bounds. Nowadays, testing is playing an instrumental role in all software development processes. A good testing program can help to prevent software defects, reduce the number of bugs, errors, and improve the overall software quality. Besides, when it comes to testing online, it has been withdrawing more and more attention from any individuals or organizations who construct and operate websites, such as e-commerce websites, information, customer service websites, blog and so on. They deeply understand that an optimized website can lead their businesses to a higher position in the competitive world. On the other hand, a bad website experience might bring significant…show more content…
Specific and realistic numbers and figures will be assigned to each of the goals, such as conversion rate, bounces rate, the portion of returning users and new users in a period of time, the percentage of improvement. In order to set program goals, beside identifying the higher level business goals and how the testing program can help to achieve those goals, the test organizers can create micro goals. For example, for content-based websites: goals are to increase the number of visitors signing up, the number of contents downloaded, forwarded or social engagements (shares, comments); for e-commerce sites: the number of accounts created, trial versions downloaded. However, the test owners must keep in mind the main goals of their general business. For instance, a test shows an increase in the number of customers sign-in to the customer forms, but such customers become the real customers who actually create conversions. While running a test, the test manager and testers should focus on the long-term goals, because in some circumstances the result of an individual test might dictate the direction of the long term goals. In such circumstances, they should not change the goals immediately, but keep optimizing, keep testing until to run all the possible and optimized scenarios in such period of testing time. Testing goals are set, but before adding test detail
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