The Importance Of The 5 Hour Class

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Title: The Importance of the 5 Hour Class
Description- The 5 hour class or the pre-licensing course for obtaining driver’s license in United States is very important.
Taking a course in driver’s education will render you complete knowledge of the rules and the regulations that need to be followed driving on the roads of the United States. It will also give you a basic understanding on how to serve as a safe driver. You can always attend the education course for drivers if you have the learner’s permit. The New York Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) Graduated Licensing Program needs the drivers to complete their education course prior to applying for the license of a junior driver. Apart from this education program for the drivers in the USA, there is even a pre-licensing course that the drivers can take. The duration for this pre-licensing course is 5 hours and hence the name 5 hour class.
The Eligibility Requirements
Each and every driver in the United States is required to satisfy the requirements of driver’s education prior to applying for a driver’s license. This should also be done prior to scheduling road tests. However, there are some eligibility requirements that need to be considered before enrolling for the driver’s education and they are as follows:
• Drivers need to obtain a learner’s permit in New York
• They should be minimum 16 years of age
People get the alternative of either completing the driver’s education or the pre-licensing course for satisfying the
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