The Importance Of The AP Literature Exam

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What is the AP literature exam, and why should I care? Many high school students ask themselves this question as they are drawing near to the date of their exam. The fact that this question is asked constantly is exactly the reason that Mr. McGee has assigned this essay to the AP Literature class. The AP Lit test consists of two parts, and the first is the multiple choice section. The second part, has three free-response essay questions that must be answered in two hours.Of course, if a student wishes to do well on a test they should have an understanding of how it is scored, and this AP test is no different. Using the text Five Steps to a Five, and Crash Course, a student can develop an idea of what the AP Literature Exam will look like. The first part of the AP Lit Exam is a section comprised of fifty five multiple choice questions that thoroughly test a student's knowledge about prose and poetry. Within these questions “You can expect to see 4-5 excerpts of prose and poetry,” (Howell). These excerpts are without titles, authors or a date, the student is completely reliant upon their knowledge to answer. Although the date of the texts are not given, one can expect it to be between the 16th century and the 21st century, not that that helps at all. Most of these works will be in English, but occasionally they will be written in a translated form. According to experts, there are eight types of multiple choice questions that may appear on the test: reading comprehension
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