The Importance Of The Advanced Practice Nurse

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Of the analyzed schools, the University of Saint Joseph requires the lowest number of practicum hour requirements to fulfill the course objectives, that being 60 practicum hours. The MSN handbook describes the course as guided by an examination of each of the eight NLN core competencies. Within the 2016 MSN handbook, it is stated that the course provides students with “the opportunity to examine role and function of the advanced practice nurse in the educator role is examined through the “delivery of educational pedagogy in academic and health care settings.” The course is a blend of classroom and online classes, including the teaching practicum, which is graded as pass/fail. The blended classroom experience utilizes a face-to-face, “Go-to-meeting” format and self-paced online activities involving group activities using Blackboard; chats, blogs, emails, journaling, and web posting are also incorporated. Throughout the semester, weekly practicum experiences are recorded in a log which is reviewed at mid semester and at course completion. Each journal entry is expected to be a short summary of the week’s experience and include one-two references related to the educational concept of that particular week; the journal entries account for 35% of the class grade. In addition, when classes do not physically meet, online discussions of learning experiences, based on course objectives and evidencing literature reviews related to the learning experiences, are shared; this
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