The Importance Of The American Dream

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What exactly is the American Dream? The dream is the idea of achieving success and happiness through hard work and determination. It is about being impressive and having a job, house, family, and a successful life. According the Dream, the only way to live a successful and well-lived life is by living up to the standards. Although Langston Hughes argues that life would be meaningless without dreams, the American Dream sets very high expectations for society and these expectations can consume all of their time and focus. Aimee Picchi Moneywatch believes that the American Dream is a myth and there is little chance of someone actually achieving the Dream’s version of success. The so called “American Dream” is an unrealistic goal that many people try to attain but end up failing to do so because they have wrong vision of what the dream really is and how to go about achieving it.
The American Dream is an unrealistic standard that many Americans feel obligated to achieve and if they don’t, society looks down upon them. The Dream is unrealistic because people are constantly getting new jobs and do not have a steady job that comes with a steady pay. Also, marriages do not always work out and their families are often separated. Often in life, people do not have enough money to pay for things even if they do have a steady job, and people do not always get the house that is expected for one to have according to the Dream. Therefore in today’s society, many people are not living up to
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