The Importance Of The American Nurses Association Code Of Ethics

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The American Nurses Association code of ethics is the fundamental backbone of the nursing profession. It is a contract that all professional members of the nursing field must abide as an ethical principle and legal guidance to the society served. The ethical nursing guideline includes respect for persons, respect for autonomy, informed consent, advocacy, beneficence and more. These ethical principles are stressed in the nursing profession to make sure nurses understand their commitment to society as well as it describes the profession's values, obligation, duties and professional ideals. However, there are ethical challenges nurses face daily while providing quality care and trying to follow the American Nurses Association code of ethics.
The nursing profession is a demanding field with a shortage ratio of nurses compared to patients. The main duty of a nurse is to provide quality of care that is essential the patient's main needs with respect, confidentiality, and good communication. However, due shortage of nursing staff it has caused problematic situations where nurses must question their moral judgment based on decision making and what benefits the patient. Studies have shown stress in the nursing field has contributed to ethical issues such as advocacy. Advocacy is the act of speaking or pleading on behalf of another. Patient advocacy is central to nursing and is implicitly or explicitly including in nursing code of ethics (Burkhardt & Nathaniel,
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